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An Extraordinary Valentine

I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful, I know that full well. – Psalm 139:14

Have you ever thought of Jesus as being your Valentine? As a single woman, there are many Valentines Day holidays that passed where I did not have an earthly Valentine. However, I LOVED the encouraging word that was given to me one Sunday at the end of a church service: when I went up for prayer, the young man that prayed for me said, “Jesus wants to be your Valentine.”   WOW! This sky rocketed my low self-image on that day to an all time high!

At the time I received that encouraging word, I was healing from the devastating effects of sexual abuse. I had a difficult time looking at myself in the mirror. My face was sunken in, and I felt worthless. As I faced the memories of abuse, Jesus continually whispered these tender words of healing to me: “My love for you is pure”. Eventually, this message seeped into my heart and soul. I began to see myself as a beautiful bride of Christ.

As Jesus healed me from the inside, I began to believe the truth from Psalm 139:14 – that I have been wonderfully and fearfully made as a woman of God. The Lord instilled a desire for me to dress more creatively. In addition, God inspired me to design three beauty enhancing products with ingredients He created. I’ve been using these three products ever since:

1. Facial Moisturizer “At Night with the King” – this facial moisturizer not only feels smooth on the skin, but the whole process in how it is made fosters beauty from the inside out. A few of the essential oils in this product are resin oils. Resins are made when there is a cut in the bark of a tree (for example, a myrrh or frankincense tree). The liquid sap that oozes out is called gum resin. The hardened resin is collected and steam distilled to extract the essential oil. God formulated the oil in the resin not only to be healing for the bark of the tree, but to be healing for the skin and emotions of humankind. The chemical components of frankincense, myrrh and other essential oils go directly to the emotional seat of the brain. I love that God designed these as a BALM for inner wounds and to beautify us outwardly, as He did Queen Esther.

2. Frankincense Skin Nourisher – this is like spritzing Jesus’ Living Water on my face and body! This beauty enhancer is actually made from frankincense hydrosol, which is the water that is produced from the steam distillation of the frankincense tree’s gum resin. The traces of frankincense that are absorbed into the water from the steam are nourishing and refreshing for the face and body. Receiving testimonies from others spurs on my desire to use it even more. Also, there’s something special about using one of the same precious gifts (frankincense) that was given to Jesus at His birth (Matthew 2:11). As do many essential oils, frankincense can be used to support spiritual, emotional, environmental & physical aspects of health.

3. EleosThe Fragrance of Forgiveness” {Essential Oil Roll-on} although Eleos is not intended to be a facial product, it does promote beauty as a natural result of the forgiveness process. When my desire to forgive is blocked by my powerful emotions, it serves as a healing balm, and strengthens me to be able to truly forgive others. The facial marks of hurt wash away, and the radiance as the Bride of Christ shines. I now keep short accounts, and do not allow resentments to get buried. In fact, I look much younger in my recent driver’s license picture than I did 10 years before!

Over a period of several years, I have saturated my mind with God’s Word of Truth, to replace the degrading lies that were spoken over me. I have truly come to believe who He says that I am – a daughter of the King of Kings who is wonderfully and fearfully made. Because of His great love for me, I have a desire to emanate His beauty from the inside out not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day.

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Roseann Dennerlein

Roseann Dennerlein

Roseann Dennerlein, also known as Rosie, is a Christian clinical aromatherapist, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and holds a Masters in Divinity degree. She has a passion to share about the healing power of God through Jesus, Scripture, prayer and God’s Creation. Rosie incorporates her training and her personal journey of healing into her writings and vlogs.

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