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Air Freshener “Spice of Life”

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LIFE was my favorite cereal in my childhood, but for many years it was not part of my mornings until recently.  LIFE cereal for breakfast is now part of doing “life” together with my mom.  It’s already been 18 months since I moved in with my mother after her second fall.  She

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Then God saw everything that He had made, and it was very good. – Genesis 1:31 Would you rather breathe in healthy or toxic air? While you may prefer to inhale healthy air, you may not be aware that many environments contain air with toxic chemicals. Synthetic air fresheners are

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“Praise Him for His acts of power. Praise Him for his surpassing greatness.” – Psalm 150:2 About 3 years ago I had a EUREKA moment in the midst of battling the flu. I originally formulated the Spice of Life Air Freshener essential oil blend to transform stinky odors into fragrant

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Air Freshener "Spice of Life"BlogProductsScience and Essential Oils

Air freshener or toxic spray? There’s more and more discussion about the ill effects people are experiencing from air fresheners. A typical response that I receive when I let people know that an air freshener is making me sick is, “oh, you’re allergic?” Actually, I prefer to see from a

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Air Freshener "Spice of Life"Blog

Put a lid on stinky garbage with essential oils. Essential oils have a refreshing aroma, kill bacteria and promote overall health. Spice of Life, an air freshener by Oils of Shakan, has a combination of spices such as cinnamon, cloves and other essential oils.

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