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Frankincense Skin Nourisher (with Lavender)

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LIFE was my favorite cereal in my childhood, but for many years it was not part of my mornings until recently.  LIFE cereal for breakfast is now part of doing “life” together with my mom.  It’s already been 18 months since I moved in with my mother after her second fall.  She

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A Smile is the best facelift, and a happy life, a key to beauty. – Olivia Newton John. The quote from this famous actress is so true! Essential oils were created by God to travel through bloodstream to the limbic system of the brain to help balance our emotions. Resin essential oils

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Beauty & Essential OilsBlogFacial Moisturizer "At Night with the King"Frankincense Skin NourisherFrankincense Skin Nourisher (with Lavender)

For years, I felt like a rose that was trampled on, but Jesus has helped me to embrace myself as a fragrant, lovely rose. The miraculous picture of the rose budded tree with an angel trumpeting in the midst of a dark night is a reminder of God’s abounding love.

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