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Fragrant Worship & Intimacy with God

May my prayer be set before you like incense; may the lifting up of my hands be like the evening sacrifice. – Psalm 142:2

Did you know that God LOVES to hang out with us?  He is crazy in love with us, and LONGS for us to take time out of our day for us to bask in His glorious presence.  There are principles from ancient times that are applicable today to deepen our prayer and intimacy with God.

Incense Burned In The Tabernacle And Temple
 The Lord instructed Moses to include incense as part of the prayer time in the tabernacle.  Aaron, the High Priest was to burn fragrant incense every morning when he tended the lamps and again when he lit the lamps at twilight.  There was a specific recipe (including frankincense) to be burned regularly before the Lord for the generations to come as a means of coming into God’s Holy Presence. (Exodus 30:7-10; 34). The incense that rose up was symbolic of the prayers being lifted up before the Lord.  When the Temple was built, this practice continued.

Although the Temple no longer exists in the physical, God’s desire of long ago has not changed. If we have asked Jesus into our life, we are the temple of the Holy Spirit.  Let us ignite His holy fire within us to worship the Almighty God.  Not only can we ignite His holy fire symbolically, but we can incorporate the burning or diffusing of biblical oils into our prayer and worship.

Personal Experience in Burning Frankincense 
When I add frankincense to the soy wax on the fragrance lamp (see picture above) as a part of my personal prayer and worship time, my spirit is immediately drawn deeper into the presence of the Lord. I feel a stronger intimacy with The God who created me. When I come away from this precious time, I’m able to handle whatever challenges that come my way with much more ease.

Burning God’s holy oil also fills the home environment with more peace.  Can’t we all use that? Frankincense, which was presented as a gift to Jesus, The Prince of Peace, has the therapeutic effect of calming anxiety.1 This is magnified when combined prayer and worship.  I have had many visitors enter my living room, take a deep inhale, and breathe out a sigh of relief.  They sense the fragrance of God’s presence.

Contemporary Ideas for Using Biblical Oils For Prayer and Worship

If you are new to the idea of incorporating oils into your personal prayer and worship time, here are some ideas:

  • Rub the Biblical Oil Blend, in your hands, inhale.  This is an essential oil blend of Frankincense, Myrrh, Cassia, and other essential oils in a base of olive and grapeseed oil.
  • Diffuse 100% pure frankincense, myrrh or other biblical essential oils. Diffusing Essential Oils 101: The Best Diffusers, has some helpful tips for purchasing diffusers. The Table Lamp picture shown is available at Kensington Garden Center in Kensington, CT, and I sell them directly from the Torrington, CT area.  If interested, contact  me for more information. The table lamps are also available online at Please note that the fragrance oils sold on this website are synthetic fragrances, not 100% pure essential oils.

(The most clean way to burn the oil in the table lamp shown is by placing about 1 tablespoon of pure soy wax chips into the fragrance lamp dish.  Turn on the lamp, then add the essential oil.)

  • Inhale directly from a bottle before your prayer/worship time.

Personal Prayer and Worship Ideas

If you are new to personal prayer time outside of a church service, here are some ideas. When we worship, we are focusing on magnifying God. When we pray, we are to bring are requests with thanksgiving and let the peace of God fill our hearts and minds in Christ Jesus (Phil 4:6-7).

  1. Meditate on all of who God is – His attributes – He is King of Kings, Creator of the Universe, Savior, Redeemer, Jehovah Jireh (Provider), Jehovah Rapha (Healer), the list goes on and on.  Can you name 3 of the many other attributes of God? The Navigators have a great resource:  30 Days of Praying the Names and Attributes of God




  1. Write down a list of all the answers to prayers.
  2. If you are feeling burdened and don’t have the mental capacity to pray or praise, turn on some praise music. Lay on the bed and nestle your head in a pillow.  Pretend you’re resting your head on Jesus’ chest or lap. As we snuggle, life becomes less of a struggle.

If you don’t have any Christian Music, there are lots of YouTube Videos.  One of my favorite songs is You Are Worthy of It All with these lyrics.

You are worthy of it all

You are worthy of it all

For from you are all things

And to You are all things

You deserve the glory


Day and night, night and day

Let incense arise.

I invite you to join me, Ehmy, Jerry, and many others who have been mightily moved by the Spirit of God through this song.: You Are Worthy of It All .

Wow, what a powerful song. What a way to get your attention, and re-focus it on Jesus. I do give Him all the glory, because He is worthy of it all.   – Jerry

My heart pounded so strongly because I felt the presence of the holy spirit. The more I sing this song, the more I felt his awesome love and care. thank you Lord for bringing me this far.”  – Ehmy

May our prayers be set before us like incense, and the lifting of our hands like the evening sacrifice, in Jesus Name, Amen.

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1Price, L., Price, S. Aromatherapy for Health Professionals . London: Elsevier (2012).

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