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Healthy vs Unhealthy Air Fresheners – Research Based Info

Then God saw everything that He had made, and it was very good. – Genesis 1:31

Would you rather breathe in healthy or toxic air? While you may prefer to inhale healthy air, you may not be aware that many environments contain air with toxic chemicals. Synthetic air fresheners are one of the culprits. However, there are air fresheners that actually promote health. As I mentioned in my last blog, the essential oils in the Spice of Life Air Freshener helped alleviate my flu symptoms, while the popular air freshener/disinfectant on the market made me more ill. My battle with the air fresheners prompted me to do some research.

Here’s a comparison of the main chemical components of the essential oils that are in the Spice of Life Air Freshener vs the mainstream market air fresheners.

Spice of Life –       Natural Essential Oil

Chemical Component1

Spice of Life Chemical Component –

Health Impact

Synthetic Air Freshener Chemical


Synthetic Air Freshener Chemical Component –

Health Impact2

d-limonene anti-anxiety3, immune stimulant4, anti-bacterial5 acetaldehyde


skin irritant, respiratory irritation, probable carcinogen2
1/8 cineole Anti-bacterial6, respiratory health7 Phthalates hormone disruptors2, endocrine disruptors, wheezing8
Geraniol Kills dust mites9, Anti-bacterial6 Styrene Nausea, respiratory irritation, skin irritant, tiredness, poor concentration2


The results speak for itself. It makes sense that I recovered quickly from the flu, since the major chemical components in Spice of Life have an immune building effect and are anti-bacterial.

The mainstream market has done an excellent job of marketing fragrances at the demise of the consumer. However God created the plants and trees with essential oils with purposes that have been long forgotten. It’s a novel concept that you can enhance your health — even by using an air freshener! Why not freshen up the following areas of your home to help combat bacteria and foster your health simultaneously?

  • Garbage pail
  • Bathroom
  • Exercise mat
  • Pet lived areas
  • Kitchen
  • Clothes (under the armpit)
  • Linens to help prevent dust mites

You can make your own air freshener with your favorite essential oils, but be sure to follow the blending and safety guidelines for specific oils at Or, you can purchase Spice of Life Air Freshener, which is safely blended and effective.

By using the ingredients that God birthed in the plants and trees, we can come into agreement with what God said… and it was very good.



The 4 oz size of our Spice of Life Air Freshener is now available online for a limited time. It is also available at Kensington Garden Center (See their website for store hours).



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