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No Rinse Hand Cleanser – New & Improved


Squeaky Clean

Cleanses hands to prevent germs
Softens hands with organic coconut, olive, palm kernel, hemp and jojoba oils.
Enhances immune system with refreshing blend of essential oils.
No Parabens or Phthalates


“Squeaky Clean” is an alternative to hand sanitizers with alcohol as the primary ingredient. Alcohol can cause dry, chapped hands which can make them open targets for bacteria and viruses.

The main ingredients are moisturizing, concentrated soap and water. A small amount of organic cane alcohol serves as an additional cleansing agent as well as a natural preservative.

The essential oils in this blend can enhance the immune system and help prevent certain strains of bacteria and viruses (Aromatherapy for Health Professionals, by Shirley and Len Price, Elsevier Ltd, 2012) . has also published several research studies to support potential protection against germs.

According to WebMD Health News (March 9, 2020), The Power Hand-Washing to Prevent Coronovirus, hand-washing with soap and water is a more powerful weapon than many people realize. “Coronoviruses, like this year’s version, are encased in a lipid envelope — basically, a layer of fat.  Soap can break that fat apart and make the virus unable to infect you.”

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention, lists “CLEAN HANDS OFTEN” to prevent germs as the first recommendation.   Squeaky Clean can be a great, portable solution!


Directions:  Add a few drops to hands.  Rub for 20 seconds or more.

Tip: 20 seconds = Singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY twice or Saying the OUR FATHER PRAYER once.

Keep away from sun and heat.

Ingredients: Castile Soap (saponified organic coconut oil, organic palm kernel oil, organic olive oi, organic hemp oil, organic jojoba oil, citric acid, tocopherol), water, organic cane alcohol, essential oils of tea tree, lemon, lavender and peppermint.



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