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Did you know that God LOVES to hang out with us?  He is crazy in love with us, and LONGS for us to take time out of our day for us to bask in His glorious presence.  There are principles from ancient times that are applicable today to deepen our

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BlogScience and Essential Oils

“Getting wisdom is the wisest thing you can do! And whatever else you do, develop good judgment.”  – Proverbs 4:7 (NLT). In recent years, the aromatherapy world has exploded with the help of social media. Spreading the news about the treasures of essential oils that God created can be beneficial

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"Ya'ar Ease" Massage Oil BlendAir Freshener "Spice of Life"BlogFrankincense Skin Nourisher (with Lavender)

LIFE was my favorite cereal in my childhood, but for many years it was not part of my mornings until recently.  LIFE cereal for breakfast is now part of doing “life” together with my mom.  It’s already been 18 months since I moved in with my mother after her second fall.  She

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Bug Repellent with Essential Oils – Children & Safety Warning Enthusiasm without knowledge is no good; haste makes mistakes. – Proverbs 19:2 (NLT). Enthusiasm about the incredible benefits of essential oils is has been spreading! However, since essential oils have flooded the market, a lot of misinformation has been spread

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Biblical Oil BlendBlogFragrant Wednesday WisdomFrankincense & MyrrhScripture and Essential Oils

Have you ever wondered what it was like to be Mary, the Mother of Jesus? Like all mothers throughout the ages, she shed tears of joy and grief. Believe or not, there’s a correlation between the tears of Mary (the Mother of Jesus) and Myrrh — a correlation that can

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AromaStem: Wise & Awake {Essential Oil Roll-on}BlogFragrant Wednesday WisdomInhale Delight! Breath of Fresh AirScience and Essential Oils

Are you an allergy sufferer, or know a loved one who is? As flowers bloom and pollen fills the air, you may be thinking….tis the season for sneezing and wheezing. Think again. My friend Sandy didn’t have allergy symptoms last year for the first time in 35 years. The only

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