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Oils of Shakan Products

1. Our blends are designed by a clinical aromatherapist.

The product developer has received advanced training in the chemical composition of the oils, the therapeutic effects of the chemical components, advanced blending techniques, and safety measures for children and people with health conditions such as high blood pressure and epilepsy.

2. Prayer is our Primary Ingredient.

The founder is a Christian who developed the formulas during times of prayer & journaling. In addition, the founder and assistant product makers pray that Jesus will bless the products & the consumers.

3. We offer high quality products at affordable prices.

Everyone should have access to high quality products that do not cost a fortune.  Oils of Shakan uses a combination of certified organic ingredients as well as other pure ingredients.  The price range is $4.99-$34.99.

4. Essential Oil chemistry reports used in our products are 3rd Party tested.

Adulteration (diluting the essential oil with other chemicals) is very common in the aromatherapy industry.  Very few companies offer the transparency of providing third party testing. Oils of Shakan purchases high quality essential oils from Aromatics International and Plant Therapy. Both of these companies publish the 3rd party GC/MS test results right on their website. Not all essential oils are created equal: read more about this at

5. Bottles are clearly marked with an expiration date.

Even if kept in a cool, dark place, some essential oils have a suggested shelf life of 2 years (i.e. lemon, grapefruit) and others have a suggested shelf life of 20 years (i.e. patchouli).  Although it is not legally required, Oils of Shakan keeps track of the shelf life of each of the essential oils and carriers. For all topical products, the expiration date is printed on the label to ensure the customer is getting a fresh product.

6. We provide education from both a Biblical and a Scientific perspective.

The founder, Rosie Dennerlein has a Masters in Divinity degree and training in clinical aromatherapy. She provides education on the biblical uses of essential oils, research published from scientific journals, and how we can incorporate essential oils in our everyday lives. God created essential oils to enhance health. For example, you can promote health while studying with the use of our AromaStem products: CALM-centration, or Wise and Awake, or even while spraying the bathroom with Spice of Life air freshener. What a novel concept! We believe it’s a concept that Jesus, the Author of Creation, wants us to embrace. More information is presented through blogs, vlogs (videos), workshops, and retreats.

For more information about Oils of Shakan, LLC go to or call (860) 387-7773.

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The Author

Roseann Dennerlein

Roseann Dennerlein

Roseann Dennerlein, also known as Rosie, is a Christian clinical aromatherapist, a Licensed Professional Counselor, and holds a Masters in Divinity degree. She has a passion to share about the healing power of God through Jesus, Scripture, prayer and God’s Creation. Rosie incorporates her training and her personal journey of healing into her writings and vlogs.

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